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Update #12-2: Banquet

February 11, 2012 by brianwagner

Dear Praying Friends,

WOW!!! A lot has happened since our last update, just 3 weeks ago!!!

Here’s a quick update:

The BIG Move – We are thrilled to say that Missy’s mom moved into her new apartment at Luther Crest on January 24th! We are so very thankful for all those who helped in the packing and moving process. In talking to mom over the weekend (after trying to get through to her for a few days), she sounded happy with how things were getting unpacked and organized in her new home. The settlement on the house finally happened on January 30 (only 17 days after the closing was scheduled) and Missy’s dad even got to sign the transfer of the deed. PRAY for her continued adjustment.

Banquet 2012 – We are less than 1 week away from the BIGGEST EVENT of the YEAR! We are currently in the middle of the massive banquet building process this weekend. Over 60 parents of juniors are here helping. The juniors are getting very excited to finally be in the building stage and the final preparations. One of Rachel’s classmates, Ryan, asked her to be his Banquet date and she is looking forward to the evening very much. If you want to hear the whole story surrounding the asking, you’ll have to ask Rachel…she’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it! PRAY for enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks still ahead.

College Road Trip – Thanks for all your emails concerning Brian and Rachel’s trip to PA in March/April. They have been offered a vehicle to use during their visit and have had many offers of places to stay along the way! Because they will be doing a lot of traveling to different colleges, they will be staying with family and friends and not remain stationary in one location.  PRAY for Rachel as she begins to contact colleges to schedule visits.

Several have written to ask about the gift cards to restaurants. They are really not picky and will enjoy eating at the “old stand-bys” (i.e. Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Friendly’s, Texas Roadhouse) and trying new ones, too! Gifts, such as these, can be sent to our new permanent mailing address:

5830 Milton Drive

Harrisburg, PA 17112

THANKS for all the ways you bless us through your prayers, gifts, and emails of encouragement!

Brian, Missy, Rachel, Hannah and Micah

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